Circadian Rhythym


Just as the earth revolves around the sun our bodies revolve around light. The cues that are sent from light tell our body many things, including the time of day and when you should go to sleep, this is known as your circadian rhythm. “Circadian Rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hr cycle” (National Institute of General Medical Sciences). Circadian Rhythm is essential and Crestron programmed lighting is able to mimic the sun in situations where people are unable to receive natural light.

Companies are acknowledging the fact that employees circadian rhythm is tied to their work performance. In the work places that have a sea of cubicles with hardly any natural light, programmed lighting is vital to making sure that their circadian rhythm stays constant. With the help of Crestron Programmed lighting, employers are able to simulate the suns natural light throughout the day, this can help with employees working more efficiently.

Along with companies adjusting their lights to aid their employees work performances, Hospitals are following this trend very closely. Because some patients are unable to get up, let alone go outside, doctors are relying on programmable lighting to maintain their patient’s circadian rhythm. Crestron has been implemented into multiple hospitals already and has the capability to imitate the suns natural light. Together with having a sense of normalcy, programmed lighting has the potential to help them heal faster. “Studies have shown that hospital patients in sunnier rooms experience less stress, use less pain medication and don’t stay as long” (Lighting and Health, Jan 2015 pg 10). If this is the case, having programmed lights that mimic the sun is essential for the well-being of patients.

Crestron Lighting can help employers keep their employees efficient as well as potentially helping patients heal faster using programmed lighting to help their bodies keep up with their circadian rhythms.

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Shading Solutions - Integrated by Design


Crestron® brings the same engineering excellence from its advanced control and automation solutions to its line of window shades and drapery track systems.

Shading systems allow the homeowner to easily regulate a room's lighting with a simple touch of a button.

Shades are energy efficient and provide UV protection, glare control and privacy.

Crestron offers their shading systems at a competitive cost with fewer components to service.

Some key reasons to choose the Crestron line of shading systems:

  • Performance and Safety – The motorized components of the shading solutions are ideal for any residence or commercial space, providing high-end decor and clean lines. The shading systems comply with all child safety recommendations by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and are among the safest shades on the market.
  • Quiet Motor and Superior Torque – The Crestron Quiet Motor Technology™ (QMT™) operates quietly and provides precise control of daylight without disrupting activity in a space. The shade systems have a nominal torque rating of 6 Nm which allows for larger shades without troublesome spring assist systems.
  • Complete Home Integration and Control – Crestron seamlessly integrates AV, lighting, energy management, security controls and shading systems with one-button control of an entire room, floor or house. Crestron shading systems travel smoothly and stop at preset positions from a single button push from a keypad or touch screen providing maximum efficiency, convenience and comfort at all times.


From roller, skylight, and Roman shades to drapery tracks, we have the perfect solution for every room.

Choose from over 400 fabrics, from the most popular neutrals to more stylish selections. Or use your customer's own fabric. Add the final touch with decorative hardware, available in a variety of finishes.

Casgan holds the Crestron Shading Solutions – Designer (CSS-D) certification and can work with you to create the perfect Crestron Shade solution for your space.

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Control for Smart Phones and Tablets


Did you know that your home or office can be controlled via the smart phone or tablet you already own?  That's right, ulti-platform control comes standard with Crestron. We can easily integrate iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices to control lights, media, climate, security and more at home or away with Crestron Mobile applications.  Crestron's mobile applications have won multiple industry awards from Electronic House, AV Technology and Consumer Electronics Association.  

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Design is Important and Details Matter


Every space has a combination of both function and asthetics.  When making an impression matters, the difference between just good enough and stunning are the little details that set a space apart.

TRUFIG is a revolutionary design solution that allows technology to be mounted completely flush into the wall or ceiling.  Clean lines, without unattractive shadows compromising the flow of a space.

TRUFIG allows precision alignment and consistent aesthetic across a variety of devices from all different manufacturers and blends them discretely into the environment without compromising the original design vision of the space.

Light trims, keypads, outlets, HVAC diffusers and grills, touchpanels and speakers are some of the devices that can have the TRUFIG treatment.

Casgan can design a customized design solution with TRUFIG to compliment your board room or property. 

See TRUFIG for more samples of this amazing design product.

Bring Microsoft Lync into the Conference Room


Unified collaboration has never been this easy

Microsoft Lync® provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience. Crestron RL™ extends the Lync experience to the conference room so groups can communicate and collaborate in real time regardless of physical location. Crestron RL combines the intuitive room control solutions of Crestron with the full collaboration features of Microsoft Lync 2013.

And, Crestron RL is incredibly easy to use. Anyone can walk into a room and start a video conference, complete with shared content and interactive whiteboarding, with the touch of a button. Using any mobile device or network connected computer, remotely join the conference to communicate, share documents, and collaborate with partners, colleagues and clients.

Best of all, there are no strings attached. Crestron RL provides a turnkey unified collaboration solution right out of the box and requires no additional licenses, maintenance fees, or MCUs.

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