Design is Important and Details Matter


Every space has a combination of both function and asthetics.  When making an impression matters, the difference between just good enough and stunning are the little details that set a space apart.

TRUFIG is a revolutionary design solution that allows technology to be mounted completely flush into the wall or ceiling.  Clean lines, without unattractive shadows compromising the flow of a space.

TRUFIG allows precision alignment and consistent aesthetic across a variety of devices from all different manufacturers and blends them discretely into the environment without compromising the original design vision of the space.

Light trims, keypads, outlets, HVAC diffusers and grills, touchpanels and speakers are some of the devices that can have the TRUFIG treatment.

Casgan can design a customized design solution with TRUFIG to compliment your board room or property. 

See TRUFIG for more samples of this amazing design product.