Casgan, Inc. is a premiere software solutions and design firm that simplifies the way people interact with technology.

Founded in 2007, Casgan has brought together technology professionals with decades of design and programming experience. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and at home, Casgan solves the complexity of technology management with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. Our wide span of systems include control and automation, system-wide switching, and audio/video signal distribution and technology management.

Casgan systems have been implemented in hospitals, conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation, command centers, and hotels, among other locations all around the world.



Project Design

Team with an objective and unbiased 3rd party A/V & Automation team to help work through the maze of technology options and questions

System Commissioning

Increase your project capacity dramatically, putting a large pool of highly-skilled people at your fingertips. Even if you have great agents on your staff already, a Casgan partnership allows you to take on those next big projects without worrying about the commissioning and startup.

Project Management

Project Management Services can help organizations build significant efficiencies around portfolio and project processes to select and deliver the right projects, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and ultimately plant the seeds to streamline your jobs.



“I have to say the interface is outstanding. You guys did an awesome job with it. My boss came by and was blown away with the system.”



Our Manufacturer Partner program brings you the absolute best of the best by enabling the world's leading products to run seamlessly in a control systems environment. Our hand-selected partners include technology leaders from a spectrum of diverse markets including audio/video, lighting, HVAC, pool/spa, security and many other controlled devices that may be connected to your commercial or residential system. 

Using our open, scalable platform, you're never locked into a single proprietary standard. Unlimited flexibility and choice in system design is always yours. And you will never have to hear the words "it can't do that". All Integrated Partner products seamlessly perform to their highest specifications within a Crestron system.

Casgan partners with the leading companies in several industries in order to provide the best user experience and most robust, flexible and reliable technology solutions. Casgan Partners make quality products designed to operate seamlessly with Crestron control technologies.



Use the experts on your next project.