We worked with Casgan, Inc. to design our corporate conference room.  We feel confident that we got the best bang for the buck and we are getting a lot of use out of the system.  We value this company’s professionalism and have no hesitation in recommending Casgan to you.
— Chris G., General Manager - Gayler Construction
Over the summer you and I corresponded on enhancements to telnet commands for the AudioControl Multi-Room amplifiers.  Here is the [result] with all the changes you had a BIG hand in creating.
— Tom W., CEO - AudioControl
I have appreciated the level of accessibility and support that they have provided which goes above and beyond what would normally be expected from a partner.  They often answer our emailed questions and phone calls after hours and on weekends.  They work hand in hand with us to make sure our designs are solid and provide a great second set of eyes on our proposals before they are submitted.  I have no hesitations in providing Casgan, Inc. with a recommendation for all the hard work they do on a regular basis with our team.
— Justin M., President - Private San Francisco Integrator
Over the past two years I have worked with Casgan, Inc. on more than 20 projects.  Casgan has assisted us with design, customer support and programming.  While our firm has worked with other service providers in the past, Casgan is the only one to exceed our expectations on a regular basis.
— James L., Senior Project Designer - Private Los Angeles Integrator