High Resolution, Large Format, Display Systems

PiXelWall makes it simple to build high performance, scalable video wall from ordinary computers, ordinary monitors and an ordinary LAN. PiXelWall lets you view any combination of content types:

  • Ordinary graphic images
  • Extremely large graphic images, up to 1 gigabyte or larger
  • Digital movies, including standard and HDTV format
  • Streaming content from cameras and other live sources
  • Live feeds that let a room full of people view the constantly changing screen displays of one or more computers

PiXelWall lets you resize and relocate each content object anywhere on the video wall, within a single monitor or across multiple monitors. Its as easy as moving and resizing windows on the desktop of your personal computer. PiXelWall also provides advanced capabilities like zoom, rotation, shading and transparency, enabling users to examine content with increased flexibility and effectiveness.

Check out this blog post by a Microsoft Technology Specialist about our PiXelWall system.